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About Veracity News

Complex issues deserve transparent reporting. Veracity News rates news outlets and features perspectives from multiple sources to illuminate bias and provide context. We equip our readers with enough information to draw their own conclusions.

Healthcare is a human right!

Vaccine mandates are the beginning of the end!

I can't believe they think that way

I can't believe they think that way

The competitive nature of today’s news landscape can be understood in dollars and cents. Subscribers and ads are the coin of the realm, and they grow with every click, view, and share. To stay afloat, news outlets serve up biased and inflammatory content that keeps readers coming back. Many consumers exist within echo chambers that keep them happy—or angry—rather than informed. A vicious cycle has emerged where people cling to increasingly polarized political beliefs that are reaffirmed by the organizations that peddle them.

Veracity News stories are comprised of seven excerpts from sources that we have already given veracity scores to. We feature one source from each degree of bias on either side of the aisle (1 – 3 scale, with 3 being the most extreme), plus one source with a 0 bias score. This way, readers get an idea for everything that's being said about a story. For us, it's the only way to share the news. 

Curious? Dive right in.

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